Human Resources

The highly qualified, multidisciplinary and complementary nature of our staff enables us to avail of adaptable, flexible and imaginative management advising to our clients’ for protecting and defending their rights.

Our staff enjoys the full trust of our national and international clients and we are therefore completely aware of the importance in providing full counselling in different languages.

We have a constant, on-going training commitment with our employees to update their knowledge and experience, so redounding on the technical quality of our services.

A team of translators specialised in each sector (engineering, information technology, chemistry, biogenetics, etc.), enabling us to guarantee our translations as being completely reliable the quality required, in validating European patents in Spain, in domestic, foreign patent based patent applications and in the domestic phase of PCT applications.

General Manager Lehmann Novo, Isabel
Executive Manager Hernández Lehmann, Aurelio

Kindly contact the relevant department depending on your area of interest:

Patent prosecution:  
Electromechanical patents Hernández Muñoz, A. Félix
Chemical patents Fernández Candelas, Carlos
International patent prosecution Lohr, Eva
Translations and validations in Spain Calleja Martín, Jesús 


Trademark and Industrial Design Prosecution:  
Trademarks Botella Reya, Antonio
Industrial Designs Janda, Rita
Assignments, licenses and transfers Muñoz Requejo, Orencio
Litigations / Infringement of Rights:  
Legal procedures on patents Andrade Boué, Tomás
Legal procedures on trademarks and designs Peña Ceñal, Leticia
Infringement of Rights / Customs protection Urquía de Sola, Mª Luisa de
Administration and Business Development:  
Accounting and finances Vega Ponce, José Ramón
Payments, renewals and general services Aceituno Canales, Gema 
Communication, web page and Business Development Sánchez Ruiz, Alicia