LEHMANN & FERNÁNDEZ, S.L. is an industrial and intellectual property agency and lawyers’ specialised in general counselling, defence and protection of every rights as against third parties.

Its business centres on design and implementation of strategies for creating, maintaining and defending intangible asset portfolios, patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights or domain names.

As an international company, it has correspondents the world over such that its clients are fully protected for any transaction at all irrespective of the geographical area of interest thereto.

The customised treatment and the on-going commitment which LEHMANN & FERNÁNDEZ, S.L. has always offered its clients throughout its lengthy history, results in the quality and excellence in treatment and services.

It employs a team of highly qualified professional people (Industrial Property agents, lawyers, engineers, technicians and analysts) whose extensive experience in labour matters favours and consolidates the firm’s renown on the highest level.