Industrial designs

1. General counselling.

Our main aim is to meet clients’ needs by offering customised counselling enabling them to obtain the most suitable protection for their shape creations and industrial designs.

Our specialised staff counsel our clients with respect to processing industrial designs on both a national and international level, specifically, domestic and Community industrial designs.

We make out technical reports in which the validity of an industrial design is analysed, in addition to the possible infringement of third party rights.

2. Search for prior registrations.

We consider that a search for prior registrations of shape creations and designs selected by our clients is essential to determine whether their registration as industrial designs would prove viable.

Accordingly, we can access domestic and international data bases on industrial designs for locating registrations that might bear some relation to that selected by the client.

3. Application and processing.

Our Industrial Design Department is geared for filing relevant Spanish industrial design applications through the relevant official bodies.

The details and documents required for filing an industrial design application would be as follows:

  • Full details of the applicant.
  • Graphic representation/s to be protected (preferably in .jpg format).
  • Products to which the design/s is/are applied.
  • Design’s territorial sphere (country/ies).
  • Representational power-of-attorney. (+)

Furthermore, third parties may lodge oppositions during the prosecution of industrial design applications.

Our Industrial Design Department prepares and files arguments with the relevant Bodies in defence of the grant of our clients’ applications.

4. Watch Service.

Technological watch service for new industrial design applications published in the different official domestic and international journals in order to prevent third party infringements of the exclusive rights granted to their designs.

Preparation y filing arguments in defence of our clients’ rights with the relevant industrial design registration Bodies with the purpose of securing the rejection of third party applications infringing our clients’ rights.

5. Maintenance and renewal.

Control and monitoring service for our clients’ designs during their whole legal lifetime. Its object is to keep them informed sufficiently in advance of deadlines and steps that must be taken to keep their rights in force.

6. Recording changes in ownership.

Our Industrial Design Department handles the recordal of changes in ownership in clients’ industrial designs and also the recordal of any type of charge or levy  with the different official Bodies.

Details and documents required for processing a change in ownership of an Industrial Design would be:

  • Full details of the assigner and assignee.
  • Registrations involved.
  • Legal proceeding originating the change in ownership.
  • Representational power-of-attorney(+)