Intellectual Property Rights

Our main aim is to fulfil clients’ requirements by providing individual counselling enabling them to protect and work their original creations in a suitable manner, such as:

  • Books, brochures, printed matter, collected letters, documents, speeches and addresses, lectures, forensic reports, university professors’ dissertations and any other works of the same nature.
  • Musical compositions with or without words.
  • Plays and musicals, choreographies, pantomimes and theatre works in general.
  • Film works and any other audio-visual works.
  • Sculptures and paintings, drawings, engravings, lithography and comic strips, children’s comics, comic books, as well as their trial runs or sketches and other plastic works of art, whether applied or not.
  • Project designs, plans, mock-ups and designs of architectural and engineering works.
  • Graphs, maps and designs relating to topography, geography and science in general.
  • Photographic works and those expressed by a procedure similar to photography.
  • Computer programs.
  • Derived works (translations, adaptations, revisions, etc.), collections and data bases.

Our Intellectual Property Department takes the due steps to file the relevant recordal applications for creations on behalf and in representation of our clients in the different territorial Intellectual Property registries.

 We advise our clients with respect to protecting an author’s moral and exploitation right as well as private copy participation and compensation rights.

Finally, our expert staff counsels clients with respect to transferring their rights as well as to recording any type of charge or levy.