Patents and Utility Models

1. General counselling.

One of our main objetives is to meet clients’ needs by offering customised counselling enabling them to obtain the most suitable protection for their inventions and technical innovations.

Our specialised staff counsel our clients to the ways of prosecuting the different types of registration Industrial Property offers for protecting their inventions on both a national and international level.

We therefore draw up technical reports in which the validity of a patent or utility model is analysed, in addition to a possible infringement of third party rights.

These reports are essential in a legal notification or conflict for a presumed infringement of a patent or utility model right as they constitute a very important element of proof.

2. Search and technological information.

We offer a search and information service on internationally registered patents in any sector so they may make decisions with respect to their projects’ orientation, identification of trade opportunities, signing technological agreements or alliances, studying competitor technology or identifying possible collaborators.

Likewise, searches on earlier registrations enable our clients to know the state-of-the-art prior to a possible registration application for an invention, which proves important when confirming the invention’s registration feasibility.

3. Application and processing.

Preparation and filling an application for registration of patents and/or utility models with the official Body in charge of its prosecution.

Documents required to file a patent and/or utility model application:

• Full details of the applicant/s.

• Full details of the inventor/s.

• Sufficient description of the invention to enable us to draw up a descriptive report and illustrative figures or diagrams.

• Description of the closest state-of-the-art thereto known.

• Territorial ambience of the invention (country/ies).

• Representational power-of-attorney. (+)

Our Patent Department also prepares and files arguments in defence of the grant of clients’ applications with the official Bodies.

4. Watch service.

Technological control and watch service for new invention applications published in the different official domestic and international journals, in order to prevent third party infringements of the exclusive working rights granted to their inventions.

Prepation and filing of arguments in defence of clients’ rights with the different invention registration Bodies whose purpose is to have third party applications infringing our clients’ rights rejected.

5. Maintenance.

Our Patent Department offers clients a control and monitoring service for their inventions during their whole legal lifetime, with the object of keeping them informed sufficiently in advance of deadlines and steps that must be taken to keep their rights in force.

6. Recording changes in ownership.

Taking the steps necessary for the record changes in ownership in clients’ inventions as a consequence of purchase transfers, company mergers, changes in company names, licences and also the recordal of any type of charge or levy with the different Bodies on a national or international level.

Documents required for processing a change in ownership of patents and/or utility models:

  • Full details of the assigner and assignee.
  • Registrations involved.
  • Legal proceeding giving rise to the change in ownership.
  • Representational power-of-attorney. (+)

7. Customs monitoring of piracy.

Watch service through different Customs transit control measures at origin and destination to prevent the import, export and marketing of counterfeit goods of our clients. A request for Customs surveillance enables us to obtain information necessary to defend our clients’ rights.

The main aims of this service are:

  • To detect counterfeit products and goods.
  • To prevent such entering the trade circuit.
  • To bring administrative, civil and criminal actions against infringers.
  • To consolidate control of our clients’ intangible assets.

8. European Patent Validation in Spain.

With over 100 years experience in technical translations, LEHMANN & FERNÁNDEZ, S.L. is one of the largest domestic specialists in patent translation with the purpose of validating European Patents at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office to achieve their final protection in Spain.

Our services are differentiated by:

–  Traslators’ professionalism: All our translations are rendered into their mother tongue by linguists specialised in the sectors of agriculture, automobile industry, aviation, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, construction, genetics, electronics, information technology, mechanical industry, medicine, telecommunications or transport.

– Experience: Practice accumulated since the company was founded in the translation of patents and legal texts enables us to guarantee that our work achieves a maximum in quality.

– Quality: Our management system is designed to cover our clients’ needs within a given deadline. We therefore, follow a carefully studied and monitored process.

– Confidentiality: All LEHMANN & FERNANDEZ, S.L. employees, sign confidentiality agreements whereby clients may be assured that their work is handled with total discretion.