Trademarks and tradenames

1. General counselling.

Proposal to registration of trademarks and/or tradenames as necessary to protect our clients’ goods, both in Spain and in any other country in the world.

Our group of specialised staff  advise as to the most suitable coverage and prosecute our clients’ distinctive signs, such as Spanish trademarks and tradenames, Community trademarks, international and/or domestic trademarks in any country in the world.

2. Search for prior registrations.

We consider that a search for prior registrations of the distinctive signs as selected by our clients is essential to determine whether their registration as trademarks or tradenames proves viable.

Accordingly, we can access domestic and international data bases for locating registrations that might bear some relation to that selected by the client.

3. Application and prosecuting.

File the registration application of the trademark and/or trade name at the relevant official Body in charge of its prosecution both in Spain and abroad.

The details and documents required for filing a trademark and/or tradename application would be as follows:

  • Full details of the applicant.
  • Name / logotype (preferably in .jpg format).
  • Goods / services.
  • Trademark’s territorial sphere (country/ies).
  • Representational power-of-attorney. (+)

Preparation and filing arguments in defence of the grant of clients’ applications of trademarks and/or trade names official with the Official Bodies.

4. Watch Service.

Permanent monitoring service and information to our clients for new trademark and tradename applications filed and/or published in different official domestic and international journals, with the aim of preventing and defend the total or partial reproduction of their distinctive signs by any third party in bad faith, in addition to any undue advantage taken of the well known nature they have acquired in the market place.

Likewise, our Trademark Department prepares and files arguments in defence of clients’ rights as to third parties with the different Bodies in charge of trademark and/or tradename registration to seek rejection of the infringing sign (writs of opposition, remarks, appeals, etc.).

5. Maintenance and renewal.

Control and monitoring service for trademarks and/or tradenames during their whole legal lifetime with the object of keeping clients informed sufficiently in advance to keep their renewal and preservation of rights in force.

6. Recording changes in ownership.

Taking the steps necessary for the records changes in ownership in clients’ trademarks and/or tradenames and also the recordal of any type of charge or levy  with the different Bodies on a national or international level.

Details and documents required for prosecuting a change in ownership of trademarks and/or tradenames:

  • Full details of the assigner and assignee.
  • Registrations involved.
  • Legal proceeding leading to the change in ownership.
  • Representational power-of-attorney. (+)

7. Handling a trademark in Internet.

Service for watching and monitoring use of the trademarks and/or tradenames in Internet of our clients by providing regular reports on risks and threats.

The main purpose of this service is:

  • To detect improper or unauthorised uses of their trademarks and/or tradenames.
  • To watch out for on-line piracy of their trademarks and/or tradenames.
  • To monitor the use of their trademarks and/or tradenames in the different social networks.
  • To manage the online reputation of their own trademark.

8. Customs monitoring of piracy.

Watch service through different Customs transit control measures at origin and destination to prevent the import, export and marketing of counterfeit goods.

The main aims of this service are:

  • To detect counterfeit products and goods.
  • To prevent them entering the trade circuit.
  • To bring administrative, civil and criminal actions against infringers.
  • To consolidate control of our clients’ assets.