Industrial Property

Lawyers specialising in Industrial Property take charge, advise and represent our clients in any kind of legal procedure related to the defence of their Rights.

  • Procedures with the Contentious-Administrative Jurisdiction against Spanish Patent and Trademark Office decisions.
  • Procedures with Civil Jurisdiction applying for trademarks and/or tradenames to be lapsed and annulled. Procedures for infringing trademark and/or tradename rights. Claim actions. Indemnity for damages.
  • Procedures with Civil Jurisdiction applying for the annulment of patents, utility models and/or industrial designs. Procedures for infringing patent, utility model and/or industrial design rights. Indemnity for damages. Precautionary measures, proceedings for checking facts and rejection action.
  • Procedures with Criminal Jurisdiction for infringing a trademark, tradename, patent, utility model and/or industrial design right.
  • Criminal procedures for trademark usurpation in Customs.
  • Procedures with the European Union’s General Court and Court of Justice.

Our legal services also include:

  • Drawing up reports and legal opinions.
  • Preparing and sending notifications to possible infringers, including subsequent negotiations .
  • Trademark, patent, industrial design and know-how (industrial and trade secrets) licencing/assignment contracts.
  • Confidentiality agreements.
  • Protection of trade secrets and know-how. Actions for Industrial Spying and disclosure of secrets
  • Trademark infringement reports; unfair competition analyses.
  • Information Leak. Trademark Abuse.
  • Combating piracy and counterfeiting.
  • Confiscations in both domestic and Community Customs.